Open Q&A What is is a data analysis platform that allows anyone to analyze data quickly […]


Open Channel Channel Q&A What is Channel? Channel is a data analytics platform that allows users to ask questions in […]


Open 42Signals 42Signals Q&A What is 42Signals? 42Signals is an AI-powered solution suite that provides eCommerce insights for consumer brands […]


Open 5-Out 5-Out Q&A What is 5-Out? 5-Out is a restaurant forecasting software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence […]


Open Syncly Syncly Q&A What is Syncly? Syncly uses AI to automatically categorize and analyze your communication with customers, helping […]


Open snowBrain snowBrain Q&A What is snowBrain? snowBrain is an AI-driven platform that provides data insights on snowflake data. It […]


Open Thirdi Thirdi Q&A What is Thirdi? An AI-powered platform that simplifies the tech behind digital marketing, allowing businesses to […]


Open ApplyPass ApplyPass Q&A What is ApplyPass? Automated Job Search AI How to use ApplyPass? Sign up, complete your profile, […]


Open IndiePulse IndiePulse Q&A What is IndiePulse? IndiePulse is a discovery platform that distills Reddit's vast discussions into actionable insights […]

OZ Sports

Open OZ Sports OZ Sports Q&A What is OZ Sports? OZ Sports integrates production, fan commentary, and innovative VAR technologies. […]


Open ManagePrompt ManagePrompt Q&A What is ManagePrompt? Build, deliver and manage AI workflows How to use ManagePrompt? 1. Sign up […]


Open Deepform Deepform Q&A What is Deepform? Capture, organise and analyse product feedback in seconds. How to use Deepform? Use […]


Open Ritual Ritual Q&A What is Ritual? An AI-powered problem-solving engine How to use Ritual? Explore ideas or objectives using […]


Open Wroolo Wroolo Q&A What is Wroolo? Wroolo is a discovery project management system consisting of structured (nested) kanban board, […]


Open Changeez Changeez Q&A What is Changeez? Detect any website updates using AI (restock, discount…) How to use Changeez? Use […]


Open PollPebble PollPebble Q&A What is PollPebble? Engage customers and uncover insights with microsurveys How to use PollPebble? Create, distribute, […]


Open Spellmint Spellmint Q&A What is Spellmint? Spellmint is an AI-powered team planning tool that transforms brainstorming into brilliance. It […]


Open resumepal resumepal Q&A What is resumepal? resumepal employs AI for personalized resume insights and chatbot support. Job seekers get […]


Open BridgePath BridgePath Q&A What is BridgePath? BridgePath is a web app with AI-powered tools aiding job searches. It customizes […]


Open Kvery Kvery Q&A What is Kvery? is an AI-powered SQL editor that can automatically create tables, graphs, cards, […]


Open Candor Candor Q&A What is Candor? Candor is a tool to run all of your ceremonies (Retrospectives, 1:1s, Pulse […]


Open Vidrovr Vidrovr Q&A What is Vidrovr? Vidrovr is a video analysis platform that uses machine learning to process unstructured […]

We Are

Open We Are We Are Q&A What is We Are? We Are enables anyone to produce high-quality immersive training without […]


Open PlanTrip.AI PlanTrip.AI Q&A What is PlanTrip.AI? Your personal AI travel assistant. Dive into popular destinations, explore hidden gems, and […]


Open LinkActions LinkActions Q&A What is LinkActions? LinkActions is a fully-automated internal linking tool for your website. It analyzes your […]

Open Q&A What is Maximize spreadsheet efficiency with our AI assistants. Instantly generate and understand formulas in […]


Open audEERING audEERING Q&A What is audEERING? audEERING is a leading innovator in the development of Voice AI technology. Innovative […]


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Open Neoteric Neoteric Q&A What is Neoteric? Experienced tech partner for custom software projects How to use Neoteric? To use […]


Open Filevine Filevine Q&A What is Filevine? Filevine is a legal case and contract management software that helps law firms […]


Open R.test R.test Q&A What is R.test? R.test is an AI-powered diagnostic test platform that evaluates student’s test readiness. Our […]


Open Rannkly Rannkly Q&A What is Rannkly? Rannkly is an online reputation management and social media listening and monitoring tool […]


Open Jetpack Jetpack Q&A What is Jetpack? Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that offers comprehensive security, backups, site performance, and […]


Open Truly Truly Q&A What is Truly? Automate Any Revenue Process With AI-Enabled Bots How to use Truly? 1. Deploy […]


Open Artificient Artificient Q&A What is Artificient? AI-Powered Smart Mobility App for Safer & Greener Mobility How to use Artificient? […]


Open ArtsAI ArtsAI Q&A What is ArtsAI? Adaptive Marketing Automation How to use ArtsAI? 1. Generate personalized content\n2. Adapt marketing […]


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Open Spotely Spotely Q&A What is Spotely? Turn video into highly engaging social media posts with your brand or individual […]


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