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What is AI Audio Kit?

AI Audio Kit is a macOS application that allows easy audio transcription in macOS. The app uses OpenAI's Whisper API for transcribing audio.

How to use AI Audio Kit?

To use AI Audio Kit, simply download and install the application on your macOS desktop. Then, provide your API Key and start transcribing audio files and recordings with ease.

What is AI Audio Kit?

AI Audio Kit is a macOS application that provides easy audio transcription using OpenAI's Whisper API.

How much does AI Audio Kit cost?

AI Audio Kit is available for $10.

Can I record and transcribe audio in one place using AI Audio Kit?

Yes, AI Audio Kit allows you to record your audio and transcribe it in one go.

Does AI Audio Kit support multiple API providers?

Yes, AI Audio Kit supports multiple API providers for audio transcription.

AI Audio Kit's Core Features

  • Easy audio transcription
  • Support for multiple API providers
  • Precise transcription using OpenAI's Whisper API
  • Record and transcribe audio in one place
  • Summarization of long transcriptions
  • Transcription history stored on your computer

    AI Audio Kit's Use Cases

  • Transcribing interviews or meetings
  • Converting recorded lectures or presentations into text
  • Creating written transcripts of podcast episodes
  • Transcribing audio notes or recordings
  • Summarizing lengthy audio recordings

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