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What is AI Backgrounds?

AI-generated backgrounds

How to use AI Backgrounds?

Browse our collection, download in glorious 6K, and start leveraging AI for your designs

What are AI-generated backgrounds?

AI-generated backgrounds are images created by artificial intelligence algorithms. They are designed to add visual appeal to various design projects.

How can I use AI backgrounds for my designs?

You can browse our collection of AI-generated backgrounds, download them in glorious 6K resolution, and use them in your design projects to make them more visually stunning.

What are Midjourney prompts?

Midjourney prompts are the prompts used during the AI generation process. By accessing the Midjourney prompts used to create our backgrounds, you can also start leveraging AI for your own designs.

AI Backgrounds's Core Features

  • Growing collection of AI-generated backgrounds
  • Backgrounds upscaled to 6K resolution
  • Access to Midjourney prompts

    AI Backgrounds's Use Cases

  • Enhancing design projects
  • Adding visual appeal to presentations
  • Creating stunning graphics for websites

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