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What is AI Humanize?

AI Humanize is a tool that turns AI text into human-like writing, helping users avoid AI detection.

How to use AI Humanize?

1. Paste AI-generated text. 2. Check AI content with 'AI Detect'. 3. 'Humanize' to create undetectable content.

Who can benefit from AI Humanize?

AI Humanize can benefit students, office workers, writers, and bloggers.

Can AI Humanize effectively generate human-like content?

Yes, AI Humanize can effectively generate human-like content by turning AI text into more relatable and engaging writing.

What is the pricing structure for AI Humanize?

AI Humanize offers three plans: Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan. Each plan has different limits on AI content detection and rewriting capabilities.

Does AI Humanize support multiple subscriptions?

Yes, AI Humanize supports multiple subscriptions. Users can choose the plan that works best for them.

Which platforms and detectors work seamlessly with AI Humanize?

AI Humanize seamlessly works with platforms like GPTZero, Turnitin, Copyleak, ChatGPT, Claude Writer, and Sapling.

AI Humanize's Core Features

  • Turn AI text into human-like writing
  • Avoid AI detection

    AI Humanize's Use Cases

  • Safeguard students' assignments from false AI detection
  • Craft AI-undetectable office documents
  • Create SEO-friendly content for writers and bloggers

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