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What is is an AI-powered platform that allows users to run open-ended qualitative surveys to gain deeper insights from their audience. The platform utilizes AI to improve the quality of responses and offers personalized follow-up questions to engage users and collect relevant information.

How to use

To use, simply sign up for a free account and create your surveys. You can design surveys for consumers, employees, or personal reflection. The platform allows you to ask for relevant details and information, and also provides curated answers to help you understand trends in consumer feedback, personal coaching, and employee experience. You can then analyze the responses and gain a better understanding of your audience.

What can I use for? can be used for running open-ended qualitative surveys to gain deeper insights from your audience. It is suitable for consumer research, employee satisfaction surveys, personal development and reflection, market trend analysis, product feedback, and employee coaching and training.

How does improve response quality? utilizes AI to improve response quality by asking for relevant details and information, and by providing personalized follow-up questions based on what the user is talking about. This helps to engage users and generate more meaningful responses.

What is the pricing for offers a free plan with unlimited surveys and 25 total responses. The Pro plan is available for $30 per month and includes unlimited surveys, 100 responses per month, and a Customer Success Manager. For enterprise users, custom pricing is available and includes unlimited surveys, unlimited responses, a Customer Success Manager, and custom branding.

Who is behind is built, maintained, and supported by Phase AI, an AI-focused product consultancy.'s Core Features

  • AI-powered qualitative surveys
  • Personalized follow-up questions
  • Curated answers
  • Designed for consumer feedback, personal coaching, and employee experience's Use Cases

  • Consumer research
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Personal development and reflection
  • Market trend analysis
  • Product feedback
  • Employee coaching and training Traffic

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