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What is Anime AI?

Create your perfect anime picture with AI. Choose between One Piece, Naruto, Webtoon styles and others. 100 pictures generated with the styles and attributes you want!

How to use Anime AI?

1. Upload your best photo following the guidelines and tips provided.\n2. Choose from different styles to customize your photos.\n3. Receive a hundred personalized anime pictures within one hour.

What if I don't like the results?

Contact us for a personalized generation without additional payment.

Is a refund possible?

Due to the nature of our AI infrastructure, refunds are not possible.

How long does it take?

You can expect results within an hour.

Why should I select attributes?

To modify your initial photo or help our AI recognize under-represented attributes.

Can I send a photo with multiple people?

Currently, we recommend sending portrait photos with one person.

How does it work?

Our AI is built on top of Stable Diffusion, trained with anime images to generate personalized photos based on your photo and chosen styles.

How are my photos stored?

Your original photo is stored in France according to GDPR laws. Generated photos are stored indefinitely.

What is the size of the generated photos?

Currently, the photos are in the same format as the initial photo (512px by 512px), but an HD format will be added soon.

Can I delete my generated photos?

Yes, please contact us if you want to delete your generated photos.

Anime AI's Core Features

  • AI-generated anime pictures
  • Customizable styles
  • Personalized photos

    Anime AI's Use Cases

  • Creating anime avatars
  • Gifts for anime fans
  • Exploring different anime styles

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