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What is Anthropics Technology Ltd?

Anthropics Technology offers state-of-the-art image processing tools for businesses and photographers.

How to use Anthropics Technology Ltd?

Visit the website and explore the different products available.

What is Anthropics Technology?

Anthropics Technology is a software research and development company specializing in image processing tools and AI innovation.

What products does Anthropics offer?

Anthropics offers PortraitPro, PortraitPro Body, LandscapePro, and Smart Photo Editor.

What is PortraitPro?

PortraitPro is the world's best-selling professional retouching software, utilizing AI to enhance every aspect of a portrait.

What is PortraitPro Body?

PortraitPro Body is a software that enables realistic modifications of full-body portraits through intuitive sliders.

What is LandscapePro?

LandscapePro is an intelligent landscape editor that adapts to the features of the photo using AI-based controls.

What is Smart Photo Editor?

Smart Photo Editor is a community-based photo editor with a library of sophisticated effects created by its users.

Anthropics Technology Ltd's Core Features

  • Facial recognition software
  • Image processing tools
  • Airbrushing app
  • Digital makeup
  • Virtual makeup technology

    Anthropics Technology Ltd's Use Cases

  • Professional retouching
  • Full-body portrait editing
  • Landscape editing
  • Community-based photo editing

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