Open Q&A

What is is an instant AI language translator extension for web browsers that allows seamless translations in multiple languages, improving communication and understanding.

How to use

To use, follow these simple steps:\n1. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.\n2. Refresh the websites you want to use it on.\n3. Start with "/" + ANY language code and the text you want to translate on any website.\n4. Press Shift + Enter to translate it instantly.\n5. Choose your target language in the extension settings and select the text you want to translate.

Is free to use?

Yes, is completely free to use.

How often are there updates for receives regular monthly updates to improve performance and add new features.

Can I translate text on any website?

Yes, with, you can translate text on any website by following a simple process.

Which languages are supported by supports translation in multiple languages, allowing you to communicate in various global languages.

In what situations can be used? can be used in various scenarios, including reading foreign language websites, communicating with people who speak different languages, studying in different languages, global business communication, and breaking language barriers while traveling.'s Core Features

  • Core features of include:
    - Instant and seamless language translation on any website
    - Easy installation and usage through a browser extension
    - Support for translation in multiple languages
    - Regular monthly updates to improve performance and features's Use Cases

  • can be used in various situations, including:
    - Reading and understanding foreign language websites
    - Communicating with people who speak different languages
    - Studying and researching in different languages
    - Enhancing global business communication
    - Breaking language barriers while traveling Traffic

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