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What is Appicons AI?

Appicons AI is a simple, AI-powered tool that allows users to create unique and professional app icons for iOS and Android. It eliminates the need for design skills, allowing users to generate attractive icons in just a few clicks.

How to use Appicons AI?

1. Create 6 unique app icon designs: Use the AI-driven design tool to experiment with colors, shapes, and visuals to generate six distinct designs.2. Choose a design and preview with cropping: Review the designs, select the best one, and adjust its dimensions using the cropping tool.3. Refine the design using AI-enhanced editing features: Utilize AI-powered editing tools to enhance colors, shapes, and add visuals to create cohesive and eye-catching designs.4. Upscale the app icon for optimal resolution: Improve the icon's resolution using AI upscaling to ensure clarity and visual appeal across various devices.5. Download the finished app icon: Enhance the design to a resolution of 2024x2024 and download it.

Can I use the icons in commercial apps?

Yes, all generated icons can be used in commercial apps.

What would be the icons formats?

The generated icons are available in various formats suitable for iOS and Android apps.

Do you provide SVG format?

Yes, SVG format is provided for the generated icons.

Do you support iOS and Android apps?

Yes, the tool supports the creation of app icons for both iOS and Android platforms.

Appicons AI's Core Features

  • AI-powered icon generator
  • Logo AI generator
  • Easy to use
  • Generate icons in minutes
  • Customizable icons
  • High-quality and scalable icons
  • Web-friendly and SEO-optimized icons

    Appicons AI's Use Cases

  • Create unique app icons for iOS and Android apps
  • Generate professional-looking icons without design skills
  • Customize icons to match branding or aesthetics
  • Create high-quality, web-friendly icons for SEO optimization

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