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What is ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci is an innovative suite of AI-driven design tools encompassing the Sketch to Architectural Render AI Tool, Exterior Design AI Tool, Interior Design AI Tool, and Landscape Design AI Tool. It empowers users to effortlessly transform sketches into detailed architectural designs and enhance various aspects of design, from exteriors to interiors and landscapes.

How to use ArchiVinci?

Using ArchiVinci is user-friendly. Simply upload your hand-drawn sketches or input your design preferences, and let the AI tools take over. Customize the generated designs, receive smart recommendations, and visualize your architectural, exterior, interior, or landscape designs with ease.

What are the benefits of using ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci streamlines the design process, saving time and effort. It offers quick and intelligent design interpretations, customization options, and realistic renderings.

Can I use my freehand sketches with ArchiVinci?

Absolutely! ArchiVinci is designed to interpret and transform freehand sketches into detailed architectural renders seamlessly.

Does the AI tool help with choosing plants for my landscape?

Certainly! The Landscape Design AI Tool includes a smart plant selection algorithm, offering guidance on choosing plants that suit your climate, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Can I try to turn my sketch into a render for free with ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci offers a user-friendly experience, and you can try turning your sketch into a render for free. Take advantage of a trial or a free version to explore the features and see how ArchiVinci enhances your design process.

Can I render from a screenshot using ArchiVinci?

While ArchiVinci primarily works with sketches and 3D models, it's designed for flexibility. Depending on the tool's capabilities, you may be able to utilize screenshots as a reference for your design, providing additional convenience in the rendering process.

ArchiVinci's Core Features

  • Transform sketches into hyper-realistic renders
  • Enhance various aspects of architectural design
  • Customize designs and receive smart recommendations

    ArchiVinci's Use Cases

  • Transforming hand-drawn sketches into detailed architectural designs
  • Enhancing exteriors, interiors, and landscapes with AI
  • Visualizing architectural designs with ease

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