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What is CaptionCreator?

Auto Video Subtitle Generator Online

How to use CaptionCreator?

1. Upload Your Video/Audio 2. Select Source Audio Language 3. Select Transcribe mode or Translate to English Mode 4. Download SRT/VTT/Plain Text

Is CaptionCreator Free?

Yes, free plan is the default plan which allows you to transcribe/translate audios/videos up to 5 mins per month in total. You can buy more credits (mins) whenever you need them.

Is there a limit to the number of videos or audio files I can transcribe?

The number of videos or audio files you can transcribe is limited by the number of credits you have. Each credit allows you to transcribe one minute of audio or video.

How does the speech translation service work?

Our service uses Whisper, an advanced machine learning algorithm developed by OpenAI, to transcribe spoken words into text. You can use it to add subtitles to videos or to generate transcripts of meetings and conversations.

Is the service accurate?

Our speech recognition AI model, Whisper, made by OpenAI, trained on a large dataset of diverse voices and accents to provide accurate transcriptions. It is constantly improving and currently the best in the market.

Can I use the service offline?

No, the service requires an internet connection to function.

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CaptionCreator's Core Features

  • Quickly transcribe video to text
  • Translate video to English text
  • Support for 50+ languages
  • Multilingual audio support
  • Robust to noisy audio
  • Robust to diverse accents and dialects

    CaptionCreator's Use Cases

  • Adding subtitles to videos
  • Generating transcripts of meetings and conversations

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