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What is ChatDOC?

ChatDOC is an AI-powered ChatGPT-based file-reading assistant that can extract, locate, and summarize information from various documents including PDFs, Word documents, scanned files, and more. It is capable of understanding texts, tables, and images.

How to use ChatDOC?

To use ChatDOC, you can either chat with the assistant directly on the website or integrate the ChatDOC API into your own applications. After uploading your documents, simply ask questions, select texts or tables for analysis, or start a thread for deeper knowledge. ChatDOC will provide you with instant answers, AI analysis, and the ability to query across multiple documents for efficient research.

What types of documents can ChatDOC handle?

ChatDOC can handle documents in formats such as PDF, Word documents (doc, docx), Markdown files (md), ePub, and even scanned files.

Can ChatDOC understand and analyze images within documents?

Yes, ChatDOC is capable of understanding and analyzing images within documents along with texts and tables.

How can I integrate ChatDOC into my own applications?

You can integrate ChatDOC into your applications by using the ChatDOC API. The API documentation provides all the necessary information to get started with the integration.

Can ChatDOC provide summarized information from multiple documents?

Yes, you can query across multiple documents using ChatDOC to get summarized information from a larger collection of documents.

What is ChatDB and how does it relate to ChatDOC?

ChatDB is a feature of ChatDOC that allows users to revolutionize document collections by providing a space to chat and get instant answers with cited sources. It enhances the functionality of ChatDOC by making information retrieval and collaboration even easier.

ChatDOC's Core Features

  • ChatDOC offers several core features:
    - Quick and accurate extraction of information from various document formats
    - Ability to understand and analyze unstructured data such as texts, tables, and images
    - Instant answers with cited sources
    - AI analysis of selected texts and tables
    - Ability to query across multiple documents for efficient research

    ChatDOC's Use Cases

  • ChatDOC can be used in various scenarios such as:
    - Business automation: Quickly extract important information from documents to automate workflows
    - Research: Efficiently locate and summarize information from a large collection of documents
    - Content analysis: Analyze and gain insights from unstructured data within documents
    - Knowledge sharing: Start a thread to uncover deeper knowledge and engage in collaborative discussions

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