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Checksub Q&A

What is Checksub?

Checksub is an automatic subtitling platform that allows users to add and animate subtitles to their videos. It also offers translation services in over 200 languages and AI dubbing for videos.

How to use Checksub?

To use Checksub, simply upload your finished video to the platform and generate subtitles in minutes. You can also choose to translate the subtitles or add AI dubbing. Once your video is ready, you can export it, save it as an SRT file, or publish it directly to YouTube.

What languages does Checksub support?

Checksub supports translation in over 200 languages.

Can I customize the style and animations of the subtitles?

Yes, Checksub offers dozens of settings to customize the style and animations of the subtitles.

Does Checksub offer AI dubbing for videos?

Yes, Checksub offers AI dubbing that replaces the original voice with a quality dubbing in multiple languages.

Can I export my video with the subtitles burned-in?

Yes, Checksub allows you to export your video with the subtitles burned-in.

Does Checksub support publishing directly to YouTube?

Yes, you can publish your videos directly to YouTube from Checksub.

Checksub's Core Features

  • Automatic subtitling
  • Translation in over 200 languages
  • AI dubbing
  • Customizable subtitle styles and animations

    Checksub's Use Cases

  • Adding subtitles to videos
  • Translating training videos
  • Boosting audience on social media
  • Growing audience on YouTube channels

    Checksub Traffic

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