Open Q&A

What is is a platform powered by Claude 2 AI, an advanced language model developed by Anthropic. It offers a seamless and intuitive conversation experience for users worldwide, with no regional restrictions. Claude 2 AI is capable of handling large amounts of text and supports interactions with up to 5 files simultaneously.

How to use

To use, simply visit the website and engage in a conversation with Claude 2 AI. You can input text, ask questions, upload files for analysis, and leverage its capabilities in text processing, programming tasks, creative writing, data analysis, large text handling, and text summarization.

Is Claude 2 AI free?

Claude 2 AI is currently available for free on

How can I access Claude 2?

You can visit and have the same experience as the official website. It is accessible to users worldwide.

Is Claude 2 better than ChatGPT?

Claude 2 has an advantage over ChatGPT in handling and recalling larger amounts of information.

Can I access Claude 2 via API?

Yes, Claude 2 can be accessed through its API for integration into applications and services.

Where can I interact with Claude 2?

You can directly engage with Claude 2 on the public-facing beta website

How does Claude 2 handle large amounts of text?

Claude 2 is a large language model capable of digesting and analyzing extensive blocks of text.'s Core Features

  • Seamless conversation experience worldwide
  • Support for up to 100K tokens and 5 file interactions
  • High language fluency and logical reasoning capabilities
  • Processing of various file formats, including PDFs and Word documents
  • Handling of programming-related tasks in multiple languages
  • Creative writing abilities, such as generating poems and speeches
  • Data analysis and generation of actionable insights
  • Handling of large blocks of text up to 75,000 words
  • Efficient text summarization's Use Cases

  • Research and information gathering
  • Programming assistance and code explanation
  • Creative writing and content generation
  • Data analysis and insights generation
  • Large text processing and summarization Traffic

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