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What is Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is an AI-powered transcription service that converts audio or video files into text or subtitles in seconds. It offers superhuman speech to text accuracy and supports transcription in over 90 languages.

How to use Cockatoo?

To use Cockatoo, simply upload your audio or video file to the platform. Cockatoo will transcribe the file in seconds using advanced AI algorithms. You can then export the transcript in popular formats such as pdf, docx, txt, or srt. The process is simple, fast, and hassle-free.

What is Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is a transcription service that uses cutting-edge AI to automatically generate text from recorded speech.

Which file formats can I transcribe with Cockatoo?

Cockatoo supports any standard audio or video file format with spoken dialogue, such as mp3, mpeg, mp4, wav, acc, and mov.

Which formats can I export my transcript to?

You can export your transcript as pdf, docx, txt, or srt.

Does Cockatoo work with accents or background noise?

Yes, Cockatoo's algorithms are designed to improve robustness to accents, background noise, and technical language.

What languages does Cockatoo support?

Cockatoo supports transcription in over 90 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Portuguese, among others.

Is there a limit to how much audio I can transcribe?

Each pricing tier has different limits. The Business plan includes unlimited transcription.

Who should use Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is suitable for anyone who needs to transcribe audio or video files, such as documentary video producers, individuals with disabilities, business professionals, content creators, legal professionals, and researchers.

Cockatoo's Core Features

  • Superhuman speech to text accuracy
  • Unlimited transcripts
  • Transcription in 90+ languages
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Automated transcription with blazing speed
  • Supports all standard audio and video file formats
  • Seamless export of transcripts in multiple formats
  • Private and secure data protection
  • Independently owned, no data sharing or advertising

    Cockatoo's Use Cases

  • Documentary video producers transcribing interviews
  • Individuals with disabilities who need assistance in transcribing their thoughts
  • Business professionals transcribing meetings or calls
  • Content creators transcribing podcasts or videos
  • Legal professionals transcribing depositions
  • Researchers transcribing interviews or focus groups

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