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What is Conch AI?

Write, study & research faster with AI

How to use Conch AI?

1. Store your work in Conch's file management system\n2. Humanize your essay by using your own writing style\n3. Ask Conch for instant answers\n4. Let Conch generate the next sentence for you\n5. Improve your writing skills with Conch

What are Tokens?

Tokens are used to pay for AI features within Conch. They can be earned or purchased.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, Conch offers a free plan to get started with basic features.

Is the content from Conch original?

Conch uses AI to assist in writing and research but does not generate original content.

What languages does Conch support?

Conch supports multiple languages for writing and research purposes.

Still have any questions? Contact us

For any further questions or support, you can contact Conch's customer support.

Conch AI's Core Features

  • Humanize AI-written text
  • Create flashcards and notes from any file/live recording
  • Chat with any file

    Conch AI's Use Cases

  • Elevate your writing or research skills
  • Breeze through homework
  • Get information for research
  • Write job applications or resumes
  • Blog posts

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