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What is CoWriter?

CoWriter is an intuitive writing assistant that offers smart autocompletion, versatile citation support for various styles, and adapts to different writing tones. It is ideal for quick writing, eliminates writer's block, and boosts productivity.

How to use CoWriter?

Unlock superior writing efficiency with CoWriter. Sign up for an account, create or open a document, and start writing. CoWriter will provide real-time writing assistance, suggest completions, and help with citation formatting.

How can's autocompletion AI improve my writing process?'s Autocompletion AI provides real-time writing assistance that completes sentences and paragraphs, speeding up your writing flow and helping to overcome writer's block. It suggests the next line of text, enhancing the efficiency and smoothness of your writing experience.

What types of citation styles does support? Can I use for different types of writing projects? supports a variety of citation styles including APA, MLA, IEEE, and Harvard. It can be used for academic writing, research papers, blog writing, and technical writing projects.

How does help with plagiarism detection? includes a plagiarism detection feature that checks your writing for any instances of plagiarism. It helps ensure the originality of your content and provides suggestions for paraphrasing or citing sources.

What collaborative features does offer? offers real-time collaboration within documents, allowing teams to edit and comment together. It also supports team collaboration folders, which enable efficient team project management and writing collaboration.

What pricing plans does offer? offers flexible pricing plans including a basic free plan with limited features, a plus plan for dedicated writers and professionals, and custom plans for teams. Prices are available for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

CoWriter's Core Features

  • Smart autocompletion
  • Versatile citation support
  • Adaptability to different writing tones

    CoWriter's Use Cases

  • Efficient research paper writing
  • Generating fresh ideas for bloggers and content writers
  • Producing detailed technical documents

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