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What is CreateBookAI?

CreateBookAI is a powerful AI-powered platform that allows users to design and create stunning children's books in just minutes. With no writing or graphic design skills required, users can generate personalized books with customizable parameters.

How to use CreateBookAI?

To use CreateBookAI, simply login to the platform and buy credits to generate your books. Once you have credits, you can choose the title, main character, time period, moral, and number of pages for your book. The AI will then generate a fully customizable book in less than 5 minutes. Users can edit paragraphs, regenerate illustrations, and have full ownership of the generated book.

How can I generate a book?

To generate a book, you must buy credits. From 35 credits, you can generate your first book.

What are the adjustable parameters to generate a book that is really convenient for me?

You can choose the title, the main character and their characteristics, the time period, the moral, and the number of pages.

Can I choose which of several illustrations I prefer?

Yes, for each page, four illustrations are generated and you can choose the one you like best.

What if I don't like some parts of the book?

If you don't like certain paragraphs or illustrations, you can edit the text or regenerate the image to customize it according to your preference.

How much does it cost to generate a book?

You can buy 50 credits for $10, and generate a 24-pages book with it. The more credits you buy, the less it will cost you.

What will be the format of the book?

For now, the only available format of the book is the square format.

Will I have the rights of the book?

Yes, once the book is generated, you have full ownership and all rights, including commercial rights. You are free to sell the book if you wish.

CreateBookAI's Core Features

  • AI-powered book generation
  • Fully customizable parameters
  • Editable paragraphs and regenerate illustrations
  • Ownership and selling rights
  • Quick book generation in less than 5 minutes

    CreateBookAI's Use Cases

  • Creating personalized children's books
  • Generating educational storybooks
  • Designing interactive picture books
  • Producing fictional adventure books for kids
  • Creating moral-focused storybooks

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