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What is CropandGrade?

Learning how to crop photos is the beginning of becoming a better photographer. With the aid of AI aesthetic scoring, you can watch in real time whether each cropping step is appropriate.

How to use CropandGrade?

CropandGrade is a photo editing app that utilizes AI to help you crop images. Simply upload your photo and the app will provide instant feedback on each cropping step. Fine-tune your skills by observing the impact of each edit.

What is CropandGrade?

CropandGrade is a photo editing app that uses AI to provide real-time feedback on cropping steps, helping you become a better photographer.

How does AI aesthetic scoring work?

AI aesthetic scoring analyzes the composition of an image and provides a score to determine if the cropping is visually pleasing.

Is CropandGrade safe to use?

CropandGrade ensures secure editing by keeping all your photos local and not collecting any data.

How can CropandGrade help improve my photography skills?

By providing instant feedback and allowing you to observe the impact of each cropping step, CropandGrade helps fine-tune your skills and develop a better eye for composition.

Where can I download CropandGrade?

CropandGrade is available for download on the App Store.

CropandGrade's Core Features

  • AI aesthetic scoring
  • Real-time feedback on cropping steps
  • Fine-tuning skills with every crop
  • Local and secure editing
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

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