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DataSavvy.Chat Q&A

What is DataSavvy.Chat? is a platform that helps you build chatbots and virtual assistants that can understand and respond to your customers in real-time.

How to use DataSavvy.Chat?

Create an AI Chat Assistant in minutes by uploading your data, training your chatbot, and sharing the link or embedding it on your website.

What is a custom AI chat Assistant?

A custom AI chat Assistant is a chatbot trained on specific data and tailored to meet the unique needs of a business. It can automate customer support, generate insights, engage with users, and more.

What is the benefit of a custom chatbot for my business?

A custom chatbot offers personalized customer interactions, increased availability, operational efficiency, scalability, data insights, enhanced engagement, and a competitive advantage.

How do I build a custom Chatbot?

Building a custom Chatbot is easy with Simply upload your data, train your chatbot, and start engaging with your users.

What kind of data can I use to train a custom Chatbot?

You can use FAQs, pdf documents, product information, website links, and more to train your custom Chatbot.

How can I get started with building a custom Chatbot?

Getting started is easy. Sign up, upload your data, and start training your chatbot. You can also try the demo to see how it works for your business.

DataSavvy.Chat's Core Features

  • Autonomously handle customer support
  • Collect leads
  • Engage with users
  • Answer knowledge base questions
  • Provide insights

    DataSavvy.Chat's Use Cases

  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Support
  • Insight Generation
  • Real Estate
  • Lead Generation
  • Education

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