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What is Dear Ai?

Dear Ai is a platform that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate intimate, thoughtful, and beautiful letters. It takes the daunting task of letter writing and turns it into a 30-second pleasure.

How to use Dear Ai?

Using Dear Ai is simple. You can start by creating the perfect letter for any occasion in just a few seconds. The platform leverages AI to generate personalized letters based on your preferences. You have control over the tone of voice, allowing you to dial in the perfect emotion for each letter. Dear Ai also offers letter scheduling, ensuring you never forget important occasions. In addition, it provides options for social media integration and even AI-generated handwritten cards for a more personalized touch.

How long does it take to generate a letter on Dear Ai?

Dear Ai can generate a personalized letter in just 30 seconds, making it a quick and convenient option for expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Can I customize the tone of voice in my letters?

Yes, you have full control over the tone of voice in your letters. You can adjust the level of sadness, gratitude, or any other emotion to perfectly match your intentions.

Can I schedule letters to be sent on specific dates?

Absolutely! Dear Ai provides letter scheduling, allowing you to set important dates like birthdays and holidays in advance. The platform will send the letters on time, every time.

Can I integrate social media into my letters?

While social media integration is coming soon, Dear Ai plans to offer the capability to integrate your and your recipients' social media channels, adding a more personal touch to your letters.

Will the AI-generated handwritten cards look like my own handwriting?

Dear Ai plans to generate personal fonts based on your handwriting and print physical cards using 4-axis writing machines. The result will be writing that is indistinguishable from your own.

Can Dear Ai write and send letters automatically?

Dear Ai is working on an AutoPilot feature that will allow its AI agent to learn who and what is meaningful to you. It will preemptively write and send letters without you having to do anything, freeing your time for what truly matters.

Dear Ai's Core Features

  • Bespoke Letter Generation
  • Full Tone Control
  • Multiple Letter Themes
  • Letter Scheduling
  • Social Media Integration (Coming Soon)
  • AI Handwritten Cards (Coming Soon)
  • AutoPilot Correspondence (Coming Soon)

    Dear Ai's Use Cases

  • Expressing gratitude with a heartfelt thank you letter
  • Sending sympathy and support in times of loss
  • Celebrating birthdays and special occasions
  • Sharing personal thoughts and feelings with loved ones

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