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What is DeepReel?

Generate talking videos from just text

How to use DeepReel?

Clone yourself and create personalized videos at scale. Write a script and see your avatar speak it. Make videos with your voice in 30+ languages.

How can I create a personalized video?

You can write a script and see your avatar speak it. You can also make videos with your voice in 30+ languages.

What is the advantage of using DeepReel for video production?

DeepReel allows you to create videos in under 10 minutes with a real human presenter. It saves weeks of time by eliminating the need to organize video production with actors, studios, and crew.

How much does DeepReel cost?

DeepReel offers an Enterprise plan for large companies with custom avatars and video production requirements. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Can I create personalized video campaigns with DeepReel?

Yes, you can launch large scale video campaigns with videos personalized for each recipient by writing a script and choosing words or sentences to personalize.

Can I create a custom avatar?

Yes, you can create a custom avatar by recording 2 short videos, and it will be ready in 36-48 hours. You can choose between webcam avatar or mobile/camera avatar.

DeepReel's Core Features

  • Generate talking videos from text
  • Real human presenter
  • Create videos in under 10 minutes
  • Personalize videos for your audience
  • AI avatars for studio quality videos
  • Record short videos to create custom avatar
  • Connect Canva account and import videos
  • Create personalized video campaigns

    DeepReel's Use Cases

  • Product demos
  • Explainer videos
  • Sales outreach

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