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What is Detail?

Detail is a camera app for storytellers that combines the simplicity of a camera app with the power of a video editor. It allows users to record and edit engaging videos faster.

How to use Detail?

To use Detail, simply download the app on your Mac or iOS device from the App Store. Once installed, open the app and start recording videos using either the front or back camera. You can also choose a background for your video from your camera roll or use the rear camera as a backdrop. After recording, you can edit the video, add captions, apply filters and effects, and share it with others.

Can I use Detail on my Mac?

Yes, Detail is available for both Mac and iOS devices.

Can I replace the background in my videos?

Yes, Detail allows you to replace the background with any recorded video or use the rear camera as a backdrop.

Can I edit my videos after recording?

Yes, Detail provides a video editor that allows you to edit every shot instantly, add captions, apply filters and effects, and more.

Can I shoot videos using both front and back cameras simultaneousl?

Yes, Detail supports dual camera recording, allowing you to shoot with both the front and back cameras on your phone at the same time.

Can I import videos from my camera roll?

Yes, Detail allows you to combine your selfie videos with any video in your camera roll as a background.

Detail's Core Features

  • Record and edit engaging videos faster
  • Replace your background with anything
  • Enjoy unlimited creativity to express yourself
  • Mix cameras, backgrounds, captions, and styles
  • Edit every shot instantly
  • Shoot with both front and back cameras simultaneously
  • Talking over video with green screen effects
  • Record videos in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Combine selfie videos with other videos in your camera roll

    Detail's Use Cases

  • Create travel vlogs
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Cooking shows
  • Online courses
  • Music videos
  • Podcasts
  • Reaction videos

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