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What is Detangle?

Detangle is a platform that uses AI to summarize any video, audio, or text. It helps users extract key information and focus on important content.

How to use Detangle?

To use Detangle, sign up with Apple or Google to join the waitlist for new users. Once you have access, you can upload or provide the link to the video, audio, or text that you want to summarize. Detangle's AI algorithms will then analyze the content and generate a concise summary for you.

What types of content can be summarized by Detangle?

Detangle can summarize any video, audio, or text.

How can I access Detangle?

You can sign up with Apple or Google to join the waitlist for new users and get early access.

What are the core features of Detangle?

Detangle's core features include AI-based summarization, waitlist for new users, and support for sign up with Apple and Google.

In which use cases can Detangle be helpful?

Detangle can be useful in scenarios such as saving time, extracting key information, reviewing recordings, and consuming content efficiently.

Is there any pricing information available?

Pricing information is not mentioned on the website.

Detangle's Core Features

  • Detangle offers the following core features:
    1. Summarization of videos, audios, or texts using AI
    2. Waitlist for new users with early access
    3. Support sign up with Apple and Google
    4. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

    Detangle's Use Cases

  • Detangle can be used in various scenarios, including:
    1. Saving time by quickly summarizing lengthy videos or audios
    2. Extracting key information from research papers or articles
    3. Reviewing meeting recordings or lectures
    4. Efficiently consuming news or podcast episodes

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