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What is Diagram AI?

Text to diagram with GPT4, Chrome Extension

How to use Diagram AI?

Use ChatGPT to draw diagrams in natural language. The generated charts can be edited and exported in PDF, PNG, and SVG formats.

What types of diagrams can I create with Diagram AI?

You can create flow charts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, and state diagrams.

Can I edit the generated charts?

Yes, you can edit the generated charts to meet your specific requirements.

In what formats can I export the diagrams?

You can export the diagrams in PDF, PNG, and SVG formats.

Diagram AI's Core Features

  • Draw flow charts
  • Create sequence diagrams
  • Generate class diagrams
  • Design entity relationship diagrams
  • Build state diagrams

    Diagram AI's Use Cases

  • Create project timelines
  • Visualize business processes
  • Illustrate software architecture

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