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Dictate4Me Q&A

What is Dictate4Me?

Instantly transcribe voice to text on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

How to use Dictate4Me?

1. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. 2. Open the app and tap on the record button to start recording. 3. The app will automatically transcribe your voice into text. 4. Edit, rename, and export your transcriptions as needed. 5. Share your transcriptions via email, messaging, or other apps.

Is Dictate4Me available offline?

Yes, Dictate4Me can transcribe audio and speech without internet connectivity.

Can I edit and export my transcriptions?

Yes, you can easily search, edit, and rename your transcriptions, and export them in various formats including TXT, DOCX, and PDF.

Can I use Dictate4Me across multiple devices?

Yes, Dictate4Me seamlessly syncs your transcriptions across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, allowing you to access them from any Apple device.

Dictate4Me's Core Features

  • Instant voice-to-text transcription
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Offline availability
  • Search, edit, and rename transcriptions
  • Export transcriptions in various formats
  • Sync transcriptions across devices

    Dictate4Me's Use Cases

  • Professionals in legal, medical, and business fields for dictation and transcription
  • Students for recording and transcribing lectures
  • People in creative pursuits for capturing ideas on the fly

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