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What is Dify?

Dify is an AI-native LLMOps platform designed to empower users to create sustainable applications effortlessly.

How to use Dify?

To use Dify, sign up for a free account and log in. You can then start by creating your AI-native application using the visual composition tools. Choose from various application types like chat bot, code converter, SQL generator, news content writing, creative script, summary abstract, personalized dialogue, and Quora question answer. Customize the application based on your requirements and deploy it within minutes. You can also use Dify's API for more advanced integration and plugin options.

Can I use Dify for free?

Yes, Dify offers a free tier for users to get started with creating AI-native applications.

Which models does Dify support?

Dify supports the GPT family and Claude models, and it is compatible with all LLMs supported by LangChain.

Can I integrate external plugins in Dify applications?

Yes, Dify allows easy integration of plugins to enhance the functionality of your applications. It is fully compatible with ChatGPT's plugin standards.

How long does it take to deploy an application on Dify?

With Dify, you can deploy your AI-native application in as fast as 5 minutes, whether for internal team use or external release.

Can I customize the AI behavior in Dify applications?

Yes, Dify allows you to customize the AI behavior based on the specific tone, emotion, and knowledge domain you require, enabling personalized dialogues and tailored responses.

Dify's Core Features

  • Visual composition of AI-native applications
  • Fast deployment of applications in just a few minutes
  • Support for GPT-4 and other models
  • Easy integration of plugins and long context using APIs
  • Continuous improvement and operation of AI applications
  • Sound application types and templates

    Dify's Use Cases

  • Building AI-powered chat bots
  • Converting code from one programming language to another
  • Generating SQL queries from natural language
  • Writing news content based on defined topics
  • Creating creative scripts for videos
  • Summarizing key information from texts
  • Conducting personalized dialogues
  • Providing wise answers to tricky questions on Quora

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