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What is Doc2Lang?

Translate document files (Excel, Word, CSV) on our ChatGPT-powered service. Just upload and our AI will automatically translate them, then download the translated files. Fast and accurate due to the latest AI.

How to use Doc2Lang?

Upload your document files (Excel, Word, CSV) to our ChatGPT-powered service. Our AI will automatically translate them. Once translated, you can download the files. It's fast and accurate thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology.

What types of document files does Doc2Lang support?

Doc2Lang supports Excel (xlsm, xlsx), Word (docx), CSV, and PowerPoint (pptx) file formats.

How does Doc2Lang ensure the security of my documents?

You have full control over your documents. You can delete your uploaded files at any time for complete data removal.

Are the translations provided by Doc2Lang of high quality?

Yes, our advanced AI translation engine delivers professional, human-level translations tailored to your business needs. It is trained on industry-specific data for highly accurate output.

What is the billing structure for Doc2Lang?

There are no monthly fees or commitments. You are billed only for each translation, with the option for pay-per-use billing for maximum flexibility.

Do I need a subscription or signup to use Doc2Lang?

No, there is no need for a signup or subscription. You only pay for what you use.

Doc2Lang's Core Features

  • Translation of document files (Excel, Word, CSV)
  • AI-powered service using ChatGPT
  • Fast and accurate translation
  • Support for popular file formats (xlsm, xlsx, docx, csv, pptx)
  • High-quality, human-level translations tailored to your business needs
  • Simple and convenient process
  • Flexible billing with pay-per-use option

    Doc2Lang's Use Cases

  • Businesses needing Excel translation
  • Professionals requiring Word document translation
  • Data translation in CSV format
  • Localization of PowerPoint presentations

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