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What is Docugami?

Docugami is an intelligent document processing and AI contract management software that automates tasks, eliminates errors, and saves time.

How to use Docugami?

To use Docugami, simply upload and organize your documents. The software will analyze and unlock the data in your documents, allowing you to author and conceptualize new documents, automate processes, and visualize insights. It works with your familiar tools and requires no complex setup.

What is document engineering?

Document engineering empowers business users with impact on Day One, without any massive investment in machine learning, staff training, or IT development. It leverages Docugami's proprietary Business Document Foundation Model and Generative AI for Business Documents.

Does Docugami work with small data sets?

Yes, Docugami works with as few as 5 documents, allowing you to leverage your existing data without the need for large datasets.

Does Docugami support all industry sectors?

Yes, Docugami supports long-form documents in any industry sector, providing data extraction and analysis capabilities for a wide range of businesses.

Is Docugami compatible with existing tools and systems?

Yes, Docugami works with your familiar tools and line-of-business systems. It provides easy connections and integration, without the need for lengthy setup or rip and replace.

What are the benefits of AI-assisted document authoring?

AI-assisted document authoring in Docugami improves accuracy, consistency, and productivity. It helps you create better documents with the assistance of AI technology.

Docugami's Core Features

  • AI-powered data extraction
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Hierarchical data representation
  • AI-assisted document authoring
  • Compatibility with small data sets
  • Support for long-form documents in any industry sector

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