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What is DraftCheck?

DraftCheck is your AI proofreader for all your legal documents. It will find all your defined terms, cross-references, drafting errors, urls, email addresses, and more.

How to use DraftCheck?

DraftCheck is available as an extension for both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Simply install the extension, open your legal document, and let DraftCheck automatically detect and correct errors.

What types of errors can DraftCheck detect?

DraftCheck can detect drafting errors, cross-references, term definitions, formatting errors, inconsistencies, and more.

Is DraftCheck compatible with both Google Docs and Microsoft Word?

Yes, DraftCheck is available as an extension for both Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Is my document and personal information stored in the cloud?

No, DraftCheck processes all the data locally on your machine. Your documents and personal information never leave your computer.

What is the pricing for DraftCheck?

During the trial period, you can use all features for free. After the trial, the subscription plan is $20 per month.

DraftCheck's Core Features

  • Automated Review
  • Multi-Document Defined Terms Check
  • Document Scoring (Coming Soon!)
  • Contract History & Continuous Scanning
  • Privacy, Privacy, Privacy!

    DraftCheck's Use Cases

  • Transactional Attorneys
  • Contract Managers

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