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What is is a platform that allows you to connect your knowledge with ChatGPT and build an oracle that can instantly answer any question. It provides a secure and privacy-focused environment to store your company's knowledge and offers integrations with various apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and website widgets.

How to use

To use, you need to follow these steps:\n1. Sign up for a free account on the website.\n2. Connect your company's knowledge sources, such as Confluence pages, Jira issues, Notion pages, and Google Docs, to\n3. Configure the ChatGPT oracle by setting up the desired integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or as a website chat widget.\n4. Start asking questions to the oracle through the connected platforms or the website widget and get instant answers based on your company knowledge.\n5. Customize the oracle's behavior, appearance, and integration settings to best suit your needs.

Can I integrate with my existing knowledge sources?

Yes, supports integration with various apps like Confluence, Jira, Notion, and Google Docs, allowing you to connect your existing knowledge sources and build a comprehensive company oracle.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is stored securely in a SOC2 compliant app. follows a privacy-first approach, and your data is never used to train the models.

Can I customize the behavior of the ChatGPT oracle?

Yes, you can customize the behavior of the ChatGPT oracle, including its integration settings, appearance, and behavior to align with your specific requirements.

How quickly can the oracle provide answers?

The oracle can instantly provide answers based on your company knowledge. It eliminates the need to manually search for information, saving time and improving productivity.

What are the use cases of has various use cases, including internal use for immediate answers to internal questions, external use as a chat widget on websites to provide instant support to customers, support automation on websites, and enhancing team collaboration by accessing company knowledge through the oracle.'s Core Features

  • Integration with various apps (Slack, Microsoft Teams, website widgets)
  • Secure storage of company knowledge in a SOC2 compliant app
  • Instant answers based on company knowledge
  • Privacy-first approach - data is never used to train the models
  • Customization options for oracle's behavior and appearance's Use Cases

  • Internal use - add the ChatGPT oracle to Slack or Teams for immediate answers to internal questions
  • External use - add the ChatGPT oracle as a chat widget on your website to provide instant support to customers
  • Automate support - automate customer support by integrating the oracle with your website
  • Team collaboration - supercharge your team's productivity by allowing them to quickly access company knowledge through the oracle Traffic

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