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What is Ellie?

Your AI Email Assistant, learns from your writing style and replies to emails as if they were written by you.

How to use Ellie?

Install Ellie as a browser extension and it will integrate into your usual workflow. Teach Ellie by providing example email data.

Does Ellie read my emails?

No, Ellie doesn't access your emails. It only uses example email data to match your writing style and generate relevant replies.

What browsers are supported?

Ellie is available as a Chrome or Firefox Extension.

What email clients are supported?

Gmail and Fastmail are fully supported. Other web-based clients can use the toolbar popup for generating replies.

Why is there a limit on the number of replies?

Training AI and generating content costs money. Paid plans offer more replies.

How does teaching Ellie new information work?

You can provide documents or URLs for Ellie to learn from. It will intelligently include relevant information in its replies.

I don't want you to read my private emails!

Ellie only uses your email replies to generate responses and does not store or share your email data.

Who are you!?

We are Danielle and James, two nomad developers building Ellie while traveling the world on our small sailboat.

Can we write a story about Ellie?

If you're a member of the press, please email us for further discussion.

Ellie's Core Features

  • Ellie understands context, is multilingual, and allows you to tailor its replies.

    Ellie's Use Cases

  • Save time in your inbox by having Ellie write professional, bespoke emails
  • Overcome reply anxiety
  • Improve language and grammar skills
  • Assist with dyslexia

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