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Explainpaper Q&A

What is Explainpaper?

Get an explanation of confusing text on research papers by highlighting them. You can upload a paper and save papers as well.

How to use Explainpaper?

Upload a paper, highlight confusing text, get an explanation.

What can I do with Explainpaper?

You can upload research papers and highlight confusing text for explanations.

How does Explainpaper work?

Explainpaper uses AI and machine learning models to simplify and explain complex concepts in research papers.

Is Explainpaper free to use?

Yes, Explainpaper is completely free to use.

Explainpaper's Core Features

  • Highlighting confusing text on research papers
  • Upload and save papers

    Explainpaper's Use Cases

  • Understanding complex concepts in research papers
  • Getting explanations for dense sections
  • Asking AI questions about research papers

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