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What is Fabula for Kids?

Fabula is a service that allows you to create custom stories with images and audio for children.

How to use Fabula for Kids?

Step 1: Describe your story. Give a brief description of what you want your story to be about. Be as brief or as detailed as you like. Step 2: Describe your image. Describe what you want to see in the image of your story. Include details to make it more fun and engaging. Step 3: Enjoy. Your story is now ready, along with a custom image and audio narration.

How do I create a story?

To create a story, simply describe your story and the image you want to see. Fabula will generate a unique and engaging story for you.

Is it free to use Fabula?

Yes, creating a story on Fabula is absolutely free!

Can I personalize the stories?

Yes, you can make the stories more personal by using names in your description.

Fabula for Kids's Core Features

  • Create custom stories
  • Add images and audio
  • Engaging stories for children

    Fabula for Kids's Use Cases

  • Max: Agent of Adventure
  • Most people thought Max was just a regular kid, but little did they know that he had a big secret...

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