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What is Filevine?

Filevine is a legal case and contract management software that helps law firms and legal teams streamline their workflow and improve efficiency. It offers features like case management, lead management, document management, contract management, business analytics, eSignatures, time and billing, document assembly, and more.

How to use Filevine?

To use Filevine, start by signing up for a demo and getting familiar with the platform. Once you have access, you can create cases, manage tasks, collaborate on documents, track leads, manage contracts, generate reports, and automate various legal processes. Filevine provides a user-friendly interface and offers integrations with other tools to enhance productivity.

Is Filevine suitable for solo attorneys?

Yes, Filevine can be used by solo attorneys to manage their cases and documents, track leads, and streamline legal processes.

Can Filevine integrate with other tools?

Yes, Filevine offers integrations with other tools to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. You can connect Filevine with tools like accounting software, document automation software, and more.

Is Filevine secure?

Yes, Filevine ensures the security of your data by using industry-recognized information security tools and technology.

Can Filevine generate reports and analytics?

Yes, Filevine provides robust business analytics features that allow you to generate reports, visualize data, and analyze the performance of your firm.

Does Filevine offer a document assembly feature?

Yes, Filevine offers document assembly functionality that automates document creation and legal drafting workflows, saving time and reducing errors.

Filevine's Core Features

  • Case Management: Easily manage cases, matters, investigations, and projects within one platform.
  • Lead Management: Streamline lead tracking, intake, and marketing optimization to convert more leads into clients.
  • Document Management: Create, edit, store, and collaborate on legal documents securely.
  • Contract Management: Efficiently track, manage, and oversee contracts and deals.
  • Business Analytics: Generate reports, visualize data, and analyze ROI to gain insights into your firm's performance.
  • eSignatures: Send documents digitally and collect signatures online for a faster and more convenient signing process.
  • Time & Billing: Automate time-tracking and invoicing to accurately bill clients and manage finances.
  • Document Assembly: Automate document creation and legal drafting workflows to save time and reduce errors.

    Filevine's Use Cases

  • Law Firms: Filevine caters to the needs of law firms, providing comprehensive case and matter management tools.
  • Personal Injury: Streamline lead conversion, automate task flows, and enhance communication with clients and colleagues.
  • Mass Torts: Simplify intake, document generation, and case tracking for mass tort cases.
  • Immigration: Communicate with clients, track deadlines, and create invoices directly from Filevine.
  • Insurance Defense: Track time accurately, manage tasks, and quickly assemble documents for insurance defense cases.
  • Criminal Defense: Manage court dates, create and store documents, and communicate with law enforcement.
  • Big Law: Gain transparency into cases and firm performance, oversee client communication, and streamline processes.
  • Law Departments: Handle more work, balance workloads, and deliver legal services faster.
  • Corporate Legal Department: Increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver legal expertise promptly.
  • State & Municipalities: Track case information, generate reports, and handle budget negotiations efficiently.

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