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What is FirstDraft AI?

The Best AI Writer for Bloggers

How to use FirstDraft AI?

Your AI Writing Sidekick

What is FirstDraft AI?

FirstDraft AI is an AI writer created specifically for bloggers. It helps them create higher-quality, SEO-optimized content that sounds like them and ranks on Google.

How does FirstDraft AI work?

FirstDraft AI is a one-click article writing tool. You provide your keyword, word count, and other settings, and it generates an entire article in minutes. It also scans Google's live search results to include relevant keywords and topics for SEO optimization.

Can I customize the writing style in FirstDraft AI?

Yes, you can train FirstDraft AI on your writing style and voice, so the generated articles sound more like you, not like AI.

Can I include my own background information in the articles?

Absolutely! FirstDraft AI allows you to provide custom background information to be included in the articles, making the content uniquely yours.

Is the outline editor customizable in FirstDraft AI?

Yes, the outline editor in FirstDraft AI is highly customizable. You can add custom prompts to every part of your outline to ensure the articles come out exactly as you want them to.

Can I bulk publish articles to my WordPress site using FirstDraft AI?

Yes, you can integrate FirstDraft AI with your WordPress site, enabling you to publish draft articles directly from the platform, in bulk. Just provide a list of keywords and let the AI do its thing.

FirstDraft AI's Core Features

  • One-Click Article Generation
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Your Style, Your Voice
  • Custom Background Info
  • Fully Customizable Outlines
  • Bulk WordPress Publishing

    FirstDraft AI's Use Cases

  • Bloggers
  • Content creators
  • Writers

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    United Kingdom: 8.01%
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