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What is Flowsecure?

Flowsecure is an AI-powered survey tool for businesses. Create forms with our AI form builder, publish them, and analyze the data with AI. Example: create a CV form, collect CV's, and then ask our AI analyzer which candidates are best suited for an interview.

How to use Flowsecure?

Build forms with AI and send them to clients in seconds. Collect data and content automatically. Analyze the collected data with AI and receive key insights. Share sensitive documents securely. Set up recurring data requests and receive content and documents automatically.

Flowsecure's Core Features

  • AI form builder, form publishing, data analysis with AI, secure document sharing, automatic data requests, KYC and onboarding processes, customized templates, recurring content requests, daily alerts

    Flowsecure's Use Cases

  • Collect content and documents from clients
  • KYC and onboarding processes
  • Share sensitive documents securely
  • Create a checklist for clients
  • Accounting and auditing
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Digital agency
  • Law firms

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