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What is FollowFox?

FollowFox is a venture studio focused on small AI models running locally or on the edge. Their first product, Distillery, is an open-source text-to-image generator.

How to use FollowFox?

To use Distillery, follow these steps: 1. Join their Discord server. 2. Write a prompt. 3. Get the results.

What is Distillery?

Distillery is an open-source Discord-based text-to-image generator that uses knowledge distillation to create high-quality images.

How can I use Distillery?

To use Distillery, join their Discord server, write a prompt, and get the generated results.

What is FollowFox?

FollowFox is a venture studio specializing in smaller AI models that run locally or on the edge. They have developed Distillery as their first product.

FollowFox's Core Features

  • Distillery uses knowledge distillation from larger, closed source, and/or proprietary models to create high-quality Stable Diffusion model checkpoints. It offers end-to-end experiences based on these models.

    FollowFox's Use Cases

  • Distillery can be used for various purposes such as generating images based on text prompts, creating visual content for blogs or websites, and enhancing creative projects with AI-generated images.

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