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What is Gliglish?

Gliglish is an AI-based language teacher that helps users improve their fluency and confidence in speaking and listening. It offers a platform where users can practice speaking their target language with an AI teacher. Gliglish provides language learning opportunities at a lower cost and with greater convenience compared to traditional language classes.

How to use Gliglish?

To use Gliglish, simply access the website or app and start speaking in your target language. The AI teacher will engage in conversations with you, provide suggestions on what to say next, and offer feedback on your grammar and pronunciation. You can adjust the speaking speed, use multilingual speech recognition for questions, and even benefit from translations. Gliglish is accessible anytime and anywhere, allowing you to practice regularly and at your own convenience.

What languages are supported by Gliglish?

Gliglish currently supports English (US, UK, Australia), Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French (France), German (Germany), Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Spain, Mexico), and Swedish. More languages will be added in the future.

How can Gliglish help improve my pronunciation?

Gliglish provides feedback on your pronunciation by allowing you to compare your pronunciation with the model. You can listen to your own mistakes and the correct pronunciation. Please note that this feature is currently only available for American English.

Can I use Gliglish for free?

Yes, Gliglish offers a free trial where you can enjoy short conversations and practice for 10 minutes every day. However, there are limitations on availability during peak hours, conversation length, and access to topics. Gliglish Plus subscription offers more features and unlimited access for a monthly fee.

What is the pricing for Gliglish Plus?

Gliglish Plus is available at a monthly price of €29. With Gliglish Plus, you get access to faster and more accurate speech recognition, multilingual speech recognition, unlimited conversation length, hours of practice every month, 50 topics, priority access to the platform, early access to new features, and 3,000 credits per month. One credit is consumed per message, suggestion, translation, or pronunciation check.

Who is the creator of Gliglish?

Gliglish was created by Fabien Snauwaert, the founder of Click & Speak Private Limited. Fabien has extensive experience in language learning and has developed English-learning products that have helped thousands of users. He is passionate about expanding Gliglish to include more languages and provide a comprehensive language learning experience.

Gliglish's Core Features

  • Smart artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT
  • Conversation suggestions
  • Adjustable speaking speed
  • Multilingual speech recognition (optional)
  • Feedback on grammar
  • Translations
  • Feedback on pronunciation (currently available for American English)

    Gliglish's Use Cases

  • Improving fluency and speaking confidence
  • Preparing for job interviews or presentations
  • Practicing for social interactions or first dates
  • Enhancing language skills for personal growth and development

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