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GoWhisper Q&A

What is GoWhisper?

GoWhisper is a cross-platform desktop application designed for seamless and secure audio transcription.

How to use GoWhisper?

To use GoWhisper, select your preferred language and model size, drag and drop or upload your audio file, and export the transcription in the desired format (srt, txt, vtt, csv).

What platforms does GoWhisper support?

GoWhisper currently supports macOS and Windows. Linux support will be added in the future.

Is my data secure with GoWhisper?

Yes, if you are using the local mode, your data stays on your computer and remains private to you. However, in API mode, your data is sent to the OpenAI API for additional processing.

What is the refund policy?

We provide a free refund within 15 days if you're not satisfied with GoWhisper.

Are there any plans to add AI summarization feature?

Yes, we have plans to integrate an AI summarization feature in the near future. Please refer to our roadmap for more details.

GoWhisper's Core Features

  • Unlimited offline transcription
  • YouTube link transcribing
  • Voice recording
  • Expansive language support
  • Intuitive editing capabilities
  • Versatile export options

    GoWhisper's Use Cases

  • Researcher: Transcribe interviews and audio recordings for analysis
  • Podcaster: Transcribe episodes for blog posts or captions
  • Content creators: Transcribe video content for accessibility or SEO purposes
  • Journalist: Transcribe interviews or press briefings for accurate reporting
  • Small business owner: Transcribe meetings or webinars for reference and documentation
  • Legal professionals: Transcribe depositions, court hearings, or other legal proceedings

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