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GrabText Q&A

What is GrabText?

Grab text from handwriting or any photo

How to use GrabText?

1. Take a photo and capture the text\n2. Choose to automatically correct errors\n3. Export the converted text to files

What types of text can GrabText extract?

GrabText can extract both handwritten and printed text.

Can GrabText convert math equations?

Yes, GrabText can convert LaTeX equations.

Do I need an internet connection to use GrabText?

Yes, GrabText is a cloud-based tool and requires an internet connection.

GrabText's Core Features

  • OCR for handwritten and printed text
  • Conversion of LaTeX equations

    GrabText's Use Cases

  • Convert handwritten notes into digital format
  • Capture and convert printed text from photos
  • Automate document archiving and cataloging

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