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What is Grading Copilot?

Grading Copilot is an online tool that allows teachers to grade student assignments quickly and efficiently using AI technology. It helps reduce the time spent on grading assignments and provides high-quality feedback to students.

How to use Grading Copilot?

To use Grading Copilot, teachers need to upload the assignment materials and select the submissions they want to grade. They can also provide guidance to the AI on what to focus on. The AI will then analyze the submissions and generate recommended grades and feedback. Teachers have the final say and can accept, revise, or reject the AI's suggestions.

Grading Copilot's Core Features

  • The core features of Grading Copilot include:- AI grading: The AI analyzes student submissions and generates recommended grades and feedback.- Feedback improvement: The tool helps improve the quality of student feedback by providing suggestions for improvement in areas such as grammar, structure, and language use.- Customizable guidance: Teachers can provide specific guidance to the AI on what to focus on while grading the assignments.- Teacher control: Teachers have the final say and can accept, revise, or reject the AI-generated grades and feedback.

    Grading Copilot's Use Cases

  • Grading Copilot can be used in various scenarios, including:- Grading assignments: Teachers can use Grading Copilot to grade different types of student assignments, such as research papers or personal narratives.- Time saving: The tool helps teachers save time by reducing the hours spent on grading assignments to just minutes.- Improving feedback: Grading Copilot improves the quality of feedback provided to students, ensuring more constructive comments and suggestions.- Enhancing student learning: By providing timely and detailed feedback, Grading Copilot helps students improve their writing skills and overall academic performance.

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