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What is greatcontent?

greatcontent is a platform that offers technology for human and AI-based content creation, linguistic freelancers, and industry knowledge in over 30 languages.

How to use greatcontent?

To use greatcontent, simply sign up for an account and provide your content requirements. The platform will match you with qualified creators who will deliver professional copy or translations.

How do I find copywriters with in-depth knowledge in a specialized area, e.g. banking, medicine, pharmaceuticals?

greatcontent offers a comprehensive search function for over 10,000 selected linguists. If required, experts can also support you with an individual linguist casting to recruit linguists with specific expertise.

How quickly will I receive my ordered articles?

The processing time for ordered articles depends on the length and topic of the article. Typically, you can expect about 2-3 days per article, but please take into account an initial 5-7 days for the first articles as the cooperation with copywriters and proofreaders is coordinated.

Do I receive help in selecting copywriters or creating briefings?

Yes, greatcontent offers various managed services to support you in using the platform. You can get help with selecting copywriters and creating briefings to ensure the desired quality and tonality for your content.

What rights of use do I get for my articles?

When you use greatcontent's services and pay for them, you receive an irrevocable, unrestricted, transferable, and sublicensable exclusive right of use for all known types of use.

How can I ensure that multiple articles have the same tonality?

You have the option to have the same copywriter write all articles or create a group of selected copywriters. This ensures consistent tonality across your content. The same approach can be taken with editors if needed.

How can I contact greatcontent?

You can contact greatcontent by using the quote request form on their website or by calling +49(0)30-629371196.

Why should I choose greatcontent?

greatcontent has been trusted by over 1,000 clients, including start-ups, agencies, and blue chip companies. They offer a platform with a wide range of content services, experienced linguists, and a streamlined process for efficient and high-quality content creation and translation.

greatcontent's Core Features

  • Content creation on demand in multiple languages
  • Professional articles, blog posts, social media posts, and more
  • Fast and reliable translation services
  • Managed service with project management and quality assurance
  • Flexible and scalable content solutions

    greatcontent's Use Cases

  • E-commerce content strategies for more traffic, conversions, and sales
  • Marketing articles to meet KPIs
  • SEO-compliant content for growth
  • Blogging and corporate blog production
  • Website relaunch with fresh content
  • Localized content for selling worldwide
  • Newsletter creation for direct customer communication
  • Banking and finance content
  • Fashion content production
  • Gambling and casino industry content
  • Travel destination and product descriptions
  • Copywriting for impactful copies
  • Food content production
  • Rapid content for the auto industry

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