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What is Heeps?

Bulk generate and publish articles in minutes

How to use Heeps?

Copy + paste or upload a list of article titles and we'll handle the rest. Streamline your workflow by automatically publishing your generated articles to WordPress or download them as markdown, HTML, or docx files.

What is Heeps and how does it work?

Heeps is an AI platform for generating and publishing articles in bulk. Simply copy and paste or upload a list of article titles, and Heeps will do the rest.

Can I customize the articles generated by Heeps?

Yes, you can customize the articles by providing specific instructions in the input. Heeps will generate articles based on your input and requirements.

How does Heeps ensure the quality of the articles?

Heeps combines the latest AI technology with SEO optimization to produce high-quality articles. The content is semantically correct, with keyword linking, and formatted to meet your specific requirements.

Is the content created by Heeps SEO-friendly?

Yes, Heeps generates SEO-friendly content that is optimized for search engine visibility. It includes relevant keywords and follows best practices for on-page optimization.

Can Heeps handle bulk article requests?

Absolutely! Heeps is designed for bulk content generation. Whether you need one article or one thousand articles, Heeps can handle it.

What kind of topics can Heeps write about?

Heeps can write about a wide range of topics. Whether you need articles for a small construction business, a family law firm, financial services, a local bakery and cafe, or a technology blog, Heeps has got you covered.

What is the pricing model for Heeps?

Heeps offers a simple pricing model. You pay only for what you use, with credits starting at $1. You can purchase credit bundles for a discounted rate, and credits never expire.

Does Heeps offer automated publishing to platforms?

Yes, Heeps can automatically publish your generated articles to WordPress, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. You can also download the articles as markdown, HTML, or docx files.

In what formats can articles be exported from Heeps?

Articles generated by Heeps can be exported in markdown, HTML, or docx formats, giving you flexibility in how you use and publish the content.

How can I contact Heeps for custom credit bundles, support, or feedback?

For custom credit bundles, support, or feedback, you can contact Heeps through their website. They will be happy to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may need.

Heeps's Core Features

  • Auto content creation
  • AI platform
  • Bulk generation
  • Article publishing

    Heeps's Use Cases

  • Small construction business
  • Family law firm
  • Financial services
  • Local bakery and cafe
  • Technology blog

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