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What is Holler?

Holler is a simple survey tool that allows users to create one-question surveys and gain AI-powered insights.

How to use Holler?

1. Sign in to Holler. 2. Create a one-question survey using the provided templates or customize your own question. 3. Collect answers from respondents. 4. Ask the AI for insights on the gathered data. 5. Collaborate with co-workers by sharing your best prompts. 6. Stay updated on trends with daily temperature checks.

Q1: Can I create multiple questions surveys with Holler?

No, Holler is specifically designed for creating one-question surveys only.

Q2: Can I import data from external sources into Holler?

Yes, you can import data from any source into Holler for analysis and insights.

Q3: How can I collaborate with my co-workers using Holler?

You can collaborate with co-workers by sharing your best prompts and discussing insights.

Q4: What are daily temperature checks in Holler?

Daily temperature checks in Holler help you stay on top of trends by providing regular updates.

Q5: Is Holler suitable for market research purposes?

Yes, Holler can be used for market research to gather customer opinions and feedback.

Q6: Can I use Holler for employee satisfaction surveys?

Absolutely! Holler can be utilized for conducting employee satisfaction surveys.

Holler's Core Features

  • Create one-question surveys
  • Gain AI-powered insights
  • Import data from any source
  • Collaborate with co-workers
  • Daily temperature checks

    Holler's Use Cases

  • Customer feedback collection
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Market research
  • Product feedback gathering
  • Opinion polling

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