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What is HoneyDo: Speak, Snap and Shop?

HoneyDo is a voice-activated grocery list assistant that simplifies the shopping experience by allowing users to create lists through voice commands. It also offers an AI-powered 'Pic to Pick' feature that identifies and lists ingredients from snapped photos of meals or pantries.

How to use HoneyDo: Speak, Snap and Shop?

To use HoneyDo, simply speak your grocery list or snap a photo of a meal or pantry. The AI technology will capture and organize the items for you. Users can collaborate with others through shared lists and sync their grocery needs via iCloud. HoneyDo also allows for easy editing and supports multiple languages.

What devices are compatible with HoneyDo?

HoneyDo is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

How many voice memos and 'Pic to Pick' images can I record/capture with the free version?

The free version allows users to record up to 5 voice memos and capture 3 'Pic to Pick' images.

What are the benefits of upgrading to HoneyDo PRO?

Upgrading to HoneyDo PRO unlocks unlimited voice recordings and image captures, providing comprehensive shopping lists without limitations.

Can I share my HoneyDo subscription with family members?

Yes, HoneyDo allows up to 5 family members to share a subscription, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

HoneyDo: Speak, Snap and Shop's Core Features

  • Voice-activated grocery list creation
  • AI-powered 'Pic to Pick' feature
  • Shared lists and syncing
  • Easy editing with natural language
  • Multilingual support
  • Family subscription

    HoneyDo: Speak, Snap and Shop's Use Cases

  • HoneyDo is ideal for individuals and families who want a convenient way to create and manage grocery lists. It is especially helpful for those who frequently forget items or need assistance with organizing their shopping needs.

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