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What is Infografix?

Free infographics generator with AI

How to use Infografix?

Save a ton of time by creating a bunch of infographics, without any design skills! - Use a slice of AI to do the heavy lifting - Make timelines, hierarchies, process maps - Post infographics straight onto social media

Do I need design skills to use Infografix?

No, Infografix does not require any design skills. It uses easy text prompts and generative AI to create infographics for you.

What export options are available?

Infografix offers export options for PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF formats, allowing you to choose the most suitable format for your needs.

Can I use Infografix on my mobile device?

Yes, Infografix is compatible with mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

Can I post infographics directly to social media?

Yes, you can post your infographics straight onto social media platforms from Infografix with just a few clicks or taps.

Is Infografix free to use?

Yes, Infografix is a free infographics generator with AI.

Infografix's Core Features

  • Generative AI to create infographics
  • Multiple types of infographics
  • No design skills required
  • Easy text prompts for instant creation
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet compatible
  • Export options: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF
  • Range of color themes

    Infografix's Use Cases

  • Enhancing college assignments
  • Creating business presentations
  • Improving marketing content

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