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Inky Notion Q&A

What is Inky Notion?

Effortlessly convert your paper notes to Notion pages

How to use Inky Notion?

Write on paper, snap a photo, Inky will turn your writing into beautiful Notion pages. Your genius ideas and journals from your notepads stored securely and easily searchable in Notion. Also a great way to reduce your screen time.

Can I use Inky on mobile?

Yes, you can use Inky on mobile devices.

How much does Inky cost?

Inky offers different pricing plans starting from $7.

How reliable is the handwriting recognition?

Inky's handwriting recognition is highly reliable and accurate.

Inky Notion's Core Features

  • Convert handwritten notes to Notion pages

    Inky Notion's Use Cases

  • Journaling
  • School notes
  • University notes
  • Diary entries
  • Call notes
  • To-do lists
  • Idea brainstorms
  • Self-reflections
  • Shopping lists

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