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What is Intercom?

Deliver faster answers for customers and fewer questions for your support team with Intercom's integrated knowledge base.

How to use Intercom?

To use Intercom's integrated knowledge base, set up a central place for customers to find answers, tips, and important info. Customize the help center to match your brand. Create engaging articles with multimedia and tailor them to different audiences. Use feedback loops to improve your content. Use outbound messaging to resolve issues before they arise.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a knowledge base software that allows businesses to deliver faster answers to customers and reduce support team's workload. It provides an integrated knowledge base, AI chatbot, proactive support features, and a fully integrated omnichannel platform.

How does Intercom's integrated knowledge base work?

Intercom's integrated knowledge base allows businesses to set up a central place for customers to find answers, tips, and other important information. It is optimized for various customer channels such as websites, mobile apps, in-product messages, and chat. Customers can instantly start a conversation through the Messenger on every article.

Can I create multilingual articles with Intercom?

Yes, Intercom allows you to create multilingual articles to serve your global customers and provide faster self-serve answers.

Can I customize the help center to match my brand?

Yes, you can customize the help center's color, logo, header, domain, and more to keep it on-brand.

How can Intercom help me improve my content?

Intercom provides built-in feedback loops to track how customers are rating your content. It also helps you discover your blind spots by identifying what customers searched for but couldn't find, allowing you to create better articles.

What is outbound messaging?

Outbound messaging is a feature of Intercom that allows you to proactively resolve issues before they arise. It includes targeted banners, chat messages, tooltips, and more to shorten support queues and reduce team burnout.

What industries does Intercom serve?

Intercom serves industries such as financial services, e-commerce, education, and healthcare.

Intercom's Core Features

  • Workspace that connects inbox, tickets, and help center
  • AI chatbot and automations
  • Product tours, outbound messages, and more for proactive support
  • Fully integrated, omnichannel platform
  • Messenger apps and integrations
  • Customer service trends, product releases, and best practices in the resource library
  • Integrate with or build apps on top of Intercom in the developer hub
  • Insights and best practices from industry experts in webinars
  • Deep-dive courses in the academy to master Intercom
  • Product demos in the demo series to learn how Intercom can grow your business
  • Community to ask questions, find answers, learn from experts, connect, and get inspired
  • Help center articles for faster self-serve answers

    Intercom's Use Cases

  • Deliver help content to customers
  • Scale your support
  • Create multilingual articles
  • Publish engaging articles
  • Tailor help content to different audiences
  • Customize the help center to match your brand
  • Improve your content based on feedback
  • Resolve issues before they arise with outbound messaging

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