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InteriorAI Q&A

What is InteriorAI?

Interior AI is the world's first AI Interior Designer. It allows users to take photos of their own interior and transform them into a new style using artificial intelligence. It provides interior design inspiration and new ideas for home decoration.

How to use InteriorAI?

1. Take a photo of your current room, making sure it shows the entire room in a 90° straight angle facing a wall or window horizontally. Avoid angled or wide-angle photos.2. Upload the photo to Interior AI's platform.3. Select the desired mode: Virtual Staging, Interior Design, Freestyle, or 360° Panorama.4. Choose a style from the available options.5. Specify the number of renders and resolution.6. Choose whether to keep the renders public or private.7. Click 'Render' to generate design ideas based on the selected parameters.8. Explore the generated renders, download them, view mixes, or start again with different settings.

Can Interior AI be used to redesign a living room?

Yes, Interior AI can be used to redesign a living room. Users can take a photo of their current living room and use the AI-powered platform to transform it into a new style.

What are the available design modes in Interior AI?

Interior AI offers four design modes: Virtual Staging, Interior Design, Freestyle, and 360° Panorama. Each mode provides different results and functionalities.

Are the rendered designs private?

By default, the renders are shown on the website but auto-deleted after 15 minutes. Users have the option to upgrade to the Pro version for private renders without deletion and watermark.

Can I combine the AI-generated ideas with the original background?

Yes, Interior AI provides a 'Mix' feature that allows users to combine the AI-generated ideas with the original background, giving them more flexibility in the design process.

What is the pricing of Interior AI?

The pricing details for Interior AI are not mentioned in the provided content.

InteriorAI's Core Features

  • AI-powered interior design
  • Photo-based transformation
  • Multiple design modes (Virtual Staging, Interior Design, Freestyle, 360° Panorama)
  • Various interior design styles to choose from
  • Flexible rendering options (number of renders, resolution)
  • Public or private renders
  • Ability to download and view rendered designs
  • Mix feature to combine original background with AI-generated ideas

    InteriorAI's Use Cases

  • Redesigning a living room
  • Decorating a bedroom
  • Renovating a bathroom
  • Creating a home office
  • Staging a property for sale
  • Transforming an outdoor space
  • Designing a retail store
  • Planning a meeting room
  • Creating a fitness gym layout
  • Adding interior design elements to a coffee shop

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